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TTI Outpatient Clinic available to the public 



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TTI Outpatient Clinic reaches out to the community at large, offering such services as outpatient therapy and educational courses to the adult population. Services are available in our Flint, Oxford, Saginaw, Sterling Heights and Troy offices. Our outpatient therapy is provided by experienced Licensed, Master’s Level Clinicians who specialize in working with:

Persons with mental health and substance use issues

Treatment is available for issues such as depression, anxiety, alcohol and drug use, co-dependency, behavior disorders, phobias, employment problems, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, grief and loss, stress disorders, divorce/separation problems, and marriage and family problems.

• The Veteran population

Our clinicians have top-notch training in meeting the distinct needs of the Veteran population. Each clinician has successfully completed a 14-course program to earn a Serving Our Veterans Certificate. The program is designed to help clinicians offer culturally sensitive services for such illnesses and disorders as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, traumatic brain injury and depression.

• Persons who have experienced traumatic events

Clinicians are committed to providing a trauma informed system of care. Our clinicians base treatment on an understanding of a client's traumatic experience, allowing them to most effectively help the client move toward healing and recovery, while avoiding retraumatization.

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