Are you looking for training for yourself, your colleagues, staff, or community group? The TTI Training Department can help you! We offer a full range of training and staff development opportunities for individuals working in or touched by the behavioral health (mental health) system. Need continuing education units/credits? We may be able to help you there too.

Our trainings and workshops are offered by highly qualified instructors who strive to meet the diverse needs of adults in the behavioral health workforce and to the community at large. Courses range from beginning to advanced clinical topics, federal/state/county mandated trainings, personal development/enrichment classes, and many others. Most are open to the public. Training and enrichment opportunities are published both annually in our Training Opportunities brochure and quarterly as part of our Training Calendar. While most trainings are scheduled at the TTI Training Center in Troy, Michigan, the vast majority of them can also be scheduled at your site or a community site. Do not hesitate to ask!

Specialized Residential Direct Care Staff Training

Providers of specialized residential services within the State of Michigan are able to access the mandatory training for residential direct care staff through TTI. Our curriculum meets the MDCH guidelines set forth in “Providing Residential Services in Community-based Settings” curriculum. TTI has added to this curriculum content that makes it applicable to those staff working in specialized residential settings with adults with psychiatric impairments (mental illness).

Courses within the curriculum for specialized residential direct care staff are designed to ensure that staff have the skills necessary to provide services to the consumers with whom they work AND help consumers along their recovery journey. Courses include:

  • Introduction to Community Residential Services (includes Person-centered Planning, Self-Determination, and Recovery)
  • Environmental Emergencies (includes Disaster Management)
  • Basic Health
  • Medication Administration
  • Working with People 1 (includes Crisis Management)
  • Working with People 2
  • Nutrition and Food Service

Staff may also access CPR, First Aid, and Recipient Rights training through TTI.

Additional required courses, such as Cultural Diversity and Competency, Limited English Proficiency, Person-centered Planning, and others are available.

Need refreshers in any of the above required trainings? TTI has the classes for you. We offer 1-3 hour refresher trainings for most of the required classes for specialized residential direct care staff. Send us an email with inquiries or check our Training Calendar.

The TTI Training Department can create a training regimen that meets your needs or the needs of your organization. Please contact the Training Department at (248) 524-8801 for more information.

Community Training

TTI offers the following courses to the general community: