Each TTI consumer has a Person/Family-Centered Plan that guides the services they receive based on the consumer’s dreams, needs and values. Consumers are in control of every aspect of Person-Centered Planning (PCP), from the time and place for their PCP planning meeting to whom they want to invite as members of their PCP team, whether staff members, family, friends, people from the community and/or religious groups, or even pets.

The treatment plan is a working document that:

  • Highlights each of the consumer’s long-term desires and goals.
  • Lists the small steps needed to reach those desires and goals.
  • Tells who performs which step when and how often.
  • Describes how consumers will know when each goal is met.
  • Provides strategies and resources for guidance.
  • Provides a transition plan and a discharge plan to help consumers move on to the next step once they have met each goal.
  • Allows consumers to comment on their services and express their level of satisfaction.

Consumers and their teams review the PCPs each year. Plans can be changed whenever consumers choose or whenever an event that could change treatment occurs.

Additional PCP information can be found at the Michigan Department of Community Health website.