Assertive Community Treatment provides intensive long-term, community-based, clinical case management services to adult consumers with the most serious and persistent forms of psychiatric disorders and psychiatric and co-occurring substance use disorders. ACT is a team-based treatment approach that consists of case managers, nurses, Certified Peer Supports and a psychiatrist. Consumers in ACT see case managers on a rotating basis.

ACT team members make home visits to consumers. Visits can vary from daily to weekly and change as consumers’ needs change. Visits may include education on mental illness, medication education, and/or monitoring for medication side effects and efficacy. In addition, the ACT team may link consumers to community resources that assist them in living independently within the community. After-hours coverage includes crisis intervention and, if needed, medication monitoring to prevent hospitalization. ACT consumers have access to ACT team workers 24 hours a day.

The goal of ACT is to provide more frequent and intense services to assist consumers in developing skills that help them more effectively manage challenges they encounter in the recovery process. The ACT team provides the foundation for a supportive partnership involving members, their communities and the people who are important in their lives.