Оптимальные Режимы в казино Вулкан, чтобы сорвать Джекпот Individual Placement & Supports

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Consumers who want to find a job can get assistance through TTI’s Individual Placement & Supports (IPS) program. The program helps consumers navigate the job-seeking process by breaking it into measurable, attainable and progressive steps. Consumers get assistance in finding job openings, filling out applications and interviewing. The IPS team also helps consumers identify their strengths and skills, giving them the best shot at finding a job that aligns with their abilities and interests.

Once Medicaid-eligible consumers are placed, the team continues to provide support ensuring their success on the job. Team members can provide coaching at the job site, help consumers find transportation, assist with grooming and hygiene, ensure consumers’ symptoms are managed and more.

The IPS program is also beneficial to local employers in that it helps them find candidates who best meet their staffing needs. TTI specialists meet with employers to learn about their organizations and the skills and abilities they are seeking in employees. Specialists then initiate contact between the potential employer and the potential employee.

IPS services are available to TTI consumers in Oakland County and on ACT teams agency-wide.