Оптимальные Режимы в казино Вулкан, чтобы сорвать Джекпот Therapeutic Support

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TTI’s therapeutic support services include individual therapy, group therapy, Behavioral Treatment Therapy and Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT).

Behavioral Treatment Therapy gives consumers services and support designed to improve their interpersonal relationships, facilitate increased community integration, and enhance their self-esteem and confidence. Staff helps consumers develop plans that use positive ways to get along with others in their social and family environments and in their communities.

TF-CBT (offered in Macomb only) is a form of therapy for children and adolescents who are experiencing significant emotional and behavioral difficulties related to traumatic life events. Through TF-CBT, children and their parents/caregivers learn skills that help them manage and resolve distressing thoughts, feelings, and behaviors related to the trauma. TF-CBT providers work to help families affected by trauma in improving their coping skills, community and relationship safety, parenting skills and family communication.